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Are you searching for a fresh new modern look for your drop ceiling grid? Taking inspiration from the Brutalist tradition of Eastern European Modernism, Brutal tiles were created to bring the large-scale abstraction and grandeur of Brutalism to your home or business. Not just a ceiling tile, this is an art installation expressed in light and shadow. Made in bright white, our tiles are constructed from exterior-grade PVC that is completely moisture-resistant, fire tested, and easy to clean. They are super lightweight so they easily drop into any 15/16″ T-bar drop ceiling grid. Our premier collection is exclusive to and manufactured by Brutal Ceilings.

Our Mission

Provide customers with high quality and the most stylish modern designs at reasonable pricing.

Our Vision

Our vision is to elevate drop ceilings from the mundane to a sculptural Modernist landscape in light and shadow.


Inspired by the optical illusions of M.C. Escher, our signature stacked block design brings surreal isometric tessellations to life. We’ve taken a nod from Escher’s impossible cube and made it possible to transform your drop ceiling into a visual showstopper. Our Brutal designed 3D tile forms add interest and inspiration to elevate any residential or commercial space.

This decorative 3D Blox ceiling tile design is both retro and ultra-modern, making it ideal for new construction or renovations to add a modernist touch with an architectural flair.

Our Products

What We Offer

Bilbao is a 3D drop ceiling tile design that dovetails beautifully with modern, contemporary, retro, or mid-century furniture and decor! For an even more complex ceiling design that gives a sense of movement, combine Bilbao tiles with Brasilia.

Inspired by the optical illusions of M.C. Escher, our signature stacked block design is both retro and ultra-modern, making it ideal for new construction or renovations to add a modernist touch with an architectural flair. 

Our Brasília drop ceiling tiles go beautifully with modern or mid-century modern decorating to elevate any space. The precise angles at the edges are matched so the shadows transition beautifully across the ceiling for a graceful 3D design. 

Europa is based on overlapping circles and domes. It’s a modern tile design with a streamlined traditional sensibility. The geometric lines of our Europa tiles are elegant and add a mix of old world meets new world style. It also combines beautifully with Globen.

Globen is based on an overlapping circle design made even more three-dimensional. A dome-like feature has been added to the center of the ceiling tile to take the global theme further. The inner dome feature works well for high hats or other flush-mounted lighting fixtures.


The best 20th-century and midcentury modern designers influenced our Sobe, and we endeavored to incorporate that flair and grandeur into the design of all of our ceiling tiles.

Our 3D tiles cannot be cut down for border use.  We offer several flat trimmable tile options.  We recommend using flat border tiles around the entire 3d installation like a picture frame.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our designs are only intended to work with the standard 15/16″ wide ceiling grid, the norm in most drop ceilings today. Some of our tiles can also be glued to a flat surface.

Our tiles should not be used in locations where temperatures will exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  They may sag and not sit flat in the grid.  They should also not be transported or stored at high temperatures. This is a standard issue with all PVC tiles, regardless of manufacturer.

 PVC is the only thermoformable plastic that has a Class A Fire and Smoke rating.  This means that it burns similarly to paper or wood and does not add significant fuel to a fire.  It is also self extinguishing, meaning that if it catches on fire, the combustion gasses smother the flame.

Brutal tiles are only made in bright white but can be painted.  We recommend using a Sherwin Williams VinylSafe 100% acrylic latex.

Due to their 3-D shape, they cannot be easily cut for narrower openings.  Use a cut down mineral tile, or our Zona trimmable border tile product.

Brutal tiles are very thin and lightweight.  Anything touching from above may distort the tile and the edges will not sit correctly.  Any lighting, wires or insulation must be fully supported by structure above the tile.

Brutal tiles are bright white, but show subtle variations in shadow very well, so directional lighting coming in from the sides gives the most dramatic effect.  Up lighting from floor lamps near walls and wall sconces works great.  LED panel lighting is the least flattering, but usually a necessity.  Light coming in through windows also shows off the tiles nicely.

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Trusted Business

Our family-operated business has earned a great reputation with our Brutalist Ceiling Tiles. Our materials perform better than ASTM E-84 Class A for stopping the spread of smoke and fire.

For Versatility

We offer dynamic, three-dimensional, reversible, modern ceiling tiles. They can be flipped and rotated and used in limitless tile combinations.

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